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Expand your professional marketing horizons

Expand your professional marketing horizons

The Hispanic market has become the elephant in the room that needs to be discussed.  It exists, it’s big, it’s growing, and it has a huge impact on the U.S. economy.1 Unlike your parents’ generation of Hispanics, this is a young, energetic, well educated, tech savvy, U.S. born and steadily growing population that identifies as Latinos or of Hispanic descent.2 They are not distinguishable by race or socioeconomic status.  This population does, however share a sense of pride and connection with their native heritage, language, food, music, and culture.3 The fact that we are in a technological age has aided this population keep in touch with distant relatives and help them maintain their cultural identity.  The U.S. Hispanic market buying power equates to that of top economies of the world.4   Procter & Gamble, General Mills, Unilever,5 Disney, McDonald's, AT&T, L’Oreal, St. Jude Research Hospital, Deutsche Telecom T-Mobile, Dish Network, State Farm Insurance, Wal-Mart, and Coca Cola recognize that their future growth relies heavily in the hands of this rapidly growing population.6     The future of your business’ economic growth is dependent on this market.7 In fact, Hispanics have tremendous influence on industries such as residential buying, food, retail, education, financial, transportation, entertainment, and media industries.8 It is significant to note that Univision is now the #5 network in the United States, behind ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox.9 Business owners and service providers need to recognize that their employees’ inability to effectively communicate with the Hispanic and Latino population is a sale or service that is not rendered.  The Language School LLC will help your business reach its untapped potential by empowering your employees with the language and cultural skills to effectively communicate and increase your sales and revenue. 

Although the United States is a melting pot, everyone does not speak English at home.10 Just because a business is located in this country does not mean that its employees should just speak in English.11  In order to increase financial potential, companies and service providers need to maximize their level of communication with this ever growing population.12    Unfortunately, many businesses fail to realize that they can successfully reach out and tap into this target audience if they simply initiate the effort to train their employees to speak another language.13 In order to effectively provide true quality and customized care to your clients and consumers, it is imperative that you not only understand their language but also understand their culture. Oftentimes, the true meaning of a conversation literally gets lost in translation leaving the consumer questioning whether the service provider truly understands their needs.  This uncertainty leads to lack of consumer trust.  As a result, this ineffective communication serves as a springboard which directly propels a potential business consumer into the hands of a competitor who does in fact understand their needs.14 The ability to legitimately understand and communicate with a consumer in their mother tongue often fosters a personal sense of trust and loyalty which in turn, will benefit businesses.15  

On the flip side, the school also provides English classes for employees.  If you have employees that do not speak English very well, can you imagine how efficient and loyal they would be to your business if it simply offered them English courses? The Language School LLC is here to help your business or service industry reach its potential.  Classes are offered either in our Ridgefield office or in your place of business.  In fact, the school offers classes before, during, and after hours in your place of business.  Please contact Karen at 203-241-7010  or email her at krb@thelanguageschoolglobal.com to schedule a free consultation.  In as little as eight weeks, your employees will be more efficient and your business will able to successfully tap into another market.

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